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7 Best Fall lip colors from Avon to rock in 2021

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As hard as it is to believe (as I sit here writing this in 100° heat), Autumn is only a couple of months away! Personally, I can’t wait to pull out my Fall makeup – and especially my Fall lip colors. Who’s with me?

Since last year, Avon has launched several show-stopping lipstick products, bringing some great new shades to the mix. Below, I’ve curated the 7 best fall lip colors for 2021 that I think you will love. Enough gabbing – let’s dive into the list! 

#1 Soft Mauve

Open tube of Cashmere Lipcream Matte in the shade Soft Mauve, against a white background

Soft Mauve has been one of my favorite shades for almost a year now. Funnily enough, it launched right AFTER I posted my list for 2020 fall lip colors, and that’s the only reason it didn’t make the cut.

On the lips, it’s slightly less red than it looks in the tube – making it the perfect deep mauve. Warm, cozy, and powerful!

#2 Beachy Peach

Open Tube of Lip Shine in the shade Beachy Peach, against a white background

Beachy Peach is actually a shade that launched with our summer collection, but I happen to think it would look stunning against fall palettes as well.

It’s a nice warm gold with a hint of peach and a whole lot of shimmer. You can pair it with eyeshadow in reds or oranges for a show-stopping Thanksgiving makeup look. 

#3 Nude Pink

Open tube of Cashmere Lipcream Satin in the shade of Nude Pink, against a white background

Nude Pink is ideal for a more subtle, casual-looking Fall makeup look. If you’re a fan of pinks, look no further.

This shade is light pink, but with a hint of orange warmth that blends well with a Fall palette. 

#4 Pinup Plum

Open tube of 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo in the shade Pinup Plum, with an artistic product smear, against a white background

Pinup Plum is a stunning purple for those looking for a more dramatic look. 

This shade is a nice choice for those who like to rebel against the traditional Fall palette, but still want to be festive for the season. It’s a deep yet bright purple that pairs well with browns and golds for a gorgeous, warm makeup look.

#5 Blaze

Open tube of Glimmer Satin Lipstick in the shade Blaze, against a white background


Glimmer Satin Lipstick

Blaze is a fantastic Autumn shade for red lipstick lovers! It’s deep without being overly bright for the season. 

Overall, this shade strikes the perfect balance  – warm but not too orange for people who don’t like orange-y lips. What more can I say?

#6 Orange Meets Red

Open tube of Flat Two-Tone Lipstick in the shade Orange Meets Red, against a white background

For those who do like orange lips,  Orange Meets Red is the shade for you this Fall. This lipstick is two-tone, so you’ll end up with a stunning ombré or gradient lip. 

On one side is a soft, muted orange, and the other side is a deep orange-red. Can you think of anything more fitting for the season?

#7 Chic Cocoa

Open tube of Cashmere Essence Lipcream in the shade Chic Cocoa, against a white background

Chic Cocoa is this year’s stand-out shade of brown! With lighter brown lips making a comeback, this color is downright delicious. 

It has a nice warmth to it that pairs well with other fall colors for a classic seasonal look.

Well, there you have it! Those are Avon’s best fall lip colors for 2021 that I think my readers will adore. What do you think? Will you try any of these shades for yourself?

Let us know in the comments!

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