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What’s the deal with the new Avon eyelash primer?

Are you constantly looking for ways to naturally maximize your lash volume? You’re not alone! These days, a lot of folks want a head-turning, high impact lash look. And while Avon did just announce some adorable new falsies, the false eyelash life is not for everyone.

Luckily, Avon is offering a new eyelash primer product that just might help us all out. Curious? Let’s get all the deets!

What is Cashmere Eyelash Primer?

The fmg Cashmere Eyelash Primer is a vegan eyelash primer by Avon launching on Oct 12, 2022.

Formulated with key ingredients biotin and collagen, this primer preps the lashes for mascara while providing nourishing benefits to the lashes.

advertised benefits include:

➤ lash-building primer

➤ visibly lengthens and boosts volume

➤ nourishing formula

➤ keeps lashes looking healthy and strong

➤ formulated with biotin and collagen

➤ maximizes the performance of any mascara

➤ vegan

➤ cruelty-free

Who will love this eyelash primer?

If you’re someone who is constantly shopping around for mascaras in the hopes of maximizing your lash volume, you definitely want to consider the fmg Cashmere Eyelash Primer. It’s great for those moments when you feel like mascara alone never quite gets you the impact you want in your lashes. It’s designed to lengthen and boost volume before you even apply your mascara.

Not only that, but it’s formulated with nourishing ingredients biotin and collagen. If you struggle with the fullness of your lashes, a little nourishment can go a long way! Adding this simple step into your eye makeup routine will help your eyelashes appear healthy and strong, especially when paired with the popular Unlimited Lashes serum.

Well what do you think? Will this new Avon eyelash primer be a welcome addition to your makeup routine? Let us know in the comments!

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