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fmg vanity organizer: get to know the brand new avon beauty caddy

I remember when Avon discontinued the classic Avon Beauty Caddy like it was yesterday. Oh, the disappointment! My customers were up in arms that the beloved makeup organizer was no longer. If you are one of those folks, it’s time to rejoice. Avon is releasing a brand new caddy next month, and it’s so cute! Let’s take a look . . .

What is the fmg Vanity Organizer?

The fmg Vanity Organizer is a new and improved Avon beauty caddy launching on Nov 9, 2022.

This foldable makeup organizer features 4 inside compartments as well as 3 outside pockets and convenient elastic straps.

advertised benefits include:

➤ makeup-themed print

➤ four compartments with two removable dividers

➤ three outer pockets 

➤ lattice elastic straps

➤ folds up for easy storage

➤ polyester

Well, there you have it! Are you excited to get your hands on this new vanity organizer? Let us know in the comments!

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