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Meet the k-beauty single shade eyeshadows joining the avon catalog

If you’ve been wearing Avon makeup for a while, you probably remember when Avon began collaborating with Korean brand The Face Shop back in 2019. And although many of the products from that collection have left the catalog, it was great to experience the world of k-beauty first hand with a cool lineup of makeup.¬†

Well, it seems we’re not done yet – because Avon just launched another Face Shop product completely without warning. And I must admit, I think you will be pretty excited. Let’s dive in and see what it is!

What is Mono Cube Eyeshadow?

fmgt Mono Cube Eyeshadow is a single shade eyeshadow by The Face Shop that joined the Avon catalog on March 13, 2024.

This eyeshadow comes in a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes amongst the 12 available shades. If offers medium to full coverage with rich color, and is described as “silky”.

What void does it fill in the catalog?

What’s nice about the Mono Cube Eyeshadow is that you can buy the shades individually and create your own palette. This is something that’s been missing in the Avon catalog since 2020, when the True Color Eyeshadow Single was discontinued.

What’s even cooler is that the sides of the cubes snap together, so you can actually form a palette with only the shades you want. Let’s be real – experimenting with quads and palettes is fun, but over time, you start to have a favorite shade in there that you always combine with shades from other palettes. We all do it! That’s why single shade eyeshadows are often a great option to streamline your makeup routine.

What shades does it come in?

This eyeshadow is available in 12 shades. The matte shades include Brown Bag, Vintage Rose, Chocolate, Soap Pink, Toast, Bagel Beige, and Ginger Lily.

The shimmer shades include Rosewood, Signature Brown, Gray Jane, Frozen Orange, and Pink Mate.

Well, that’s what you need to know about this new kbeauty single shade eyeshadow joining the catalog. What do you think? Which shades will you be adding to your palette? Let us know in the comments!


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