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Love at 1st Lash Waterproof: My review of Avon’s epic new mascara

When I saw that Avon was introducing a waterproof version of the Love at 1st Lash Mascara, I was pretty intrigued. As a performer, I tend to gravitate towards the waterproof formulas. At the same time, the Love at 1st Lash Mascara has been a customer favorite ever since it launched a couple years ago, and I must admit it causes me a bit of FOMO.

Until now, that is! My tube of Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara just recently became empty, providing the perfect excuse to try out the new waterproof version of Love at 1st Lash. Would this mascara hold up to the original formula’s hype? Or would it simply fall flat? There was only one way to find out! 

Let’s jump in and see what happened when I tried out the Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara! But first, a little background . . .

What is the Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara?

The Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara is a mascara product by Avon that launched on July 8, 2020.

This product is the second mascara in the Love at 1st Lash line. It’s designed for all-day, waterproof wear while it provides length, volume, and separation. This formula contains the nourishing Love Waterproof Complex, which helps to strengthen and condition the eyelashes.

Open tube of Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara in front of an artistic mascara smear, against a white background

Advertised benefits include:

➤ Lush, voluminous wear

➤ Waterproof

➤ Cobra-shaped brush lifts, curls and separates each lash

➤ Love Waterproof Complex with Lashrez, olive oil and vitamin E

➤  Lash-hugging lengthening fibers

 Strengthens and conditions lashes

➤ Transfer-resistant

➤ Clump-proof


➤ Smudge-proof

➤  Hypoallergenic

➤ Paraben- and sulfate-free

My experience with Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara

Press play below to see what happened when I tried it out!


Overall, the application went pretty smoothly. I did have to take a second before applying to find the ideal angle of the brush. However, this didn’t really affect the convenience level, as it was easy to identify the curve.

As you can see in the video, my eyelashes did clump up in one spot. It was tricky to determine the cause of the clumping, as I do remember getting a small amount of liquid eyeshadow on my lashes by accident prior to filming. Besides that one spot, this mascara went on pretty evenly. I also found that the round side of the brush helped to loosen the clump and make it much less noticeable. That’s definitely a selling point for this unique “cobra” shape!

Side note: I realize the way I apply mascara looks super weird! I discovered long ago that it is not worth fighting your reflex to blink if you have sensitive eyes. Don’t be afraid to use the blinking motion to your advantage. It works just as well – I promise!


I was extremely happy with the appearance of this mascara. If I’m being honest, I’ve always had an aversion to mascara and feel extremely lucky that my lashes are naturally long and thick. When it comes to stage makeup, I consider mascara a necessary evil. So, for me to actually LOVE a mascara is a pretty high bar to reach. 

I must admit – after I applied Love at 1st Lash Waterproof, I was feelin’ myself all day long. I think part of why it looks so pretty is the slight curling effect of the cobra brush. The amount of curl this provides is subtle, but impactful enough that people notice something has changed. It adds a nice level of dimension to your eye look.

In addition, the lengthening power of this mascara was really on point. Like I mention in the video, I don’t think my lashes have EVER looked this long! I’m someone who has been using mascara for stage makeup since the age of 7, so the fact that I was so shocked by the length is really saying something.

Staying Power

As you can see in the video, the smudge-proof and water-resistant claims really do hold up! When I rubbed my eyes really hard, there was a slight bit of transfer onto the white tissue. However – considering all the factors, it was pretty minimal. I was also pleasantly surprised by the lack of transfer to my under-eye area, as I didn’t even perform my usual trick of blinking onto a tissue to remove excess. There was only one small smudge, which means the cobra brush was pretty efficient at applying just enough liquid to complete the look.

Throughout the day, this mascara was SOLID. It survived my dance practice and evening shower without smudging or wearing off at all. It even held its slightly curled shape that whole time! I probably won’t be able to test it on stage for several more months (until the pandemic calms down), but I’m pretty optimistic. Overall, I think I had this mascara on for about 10 hours before I removed it with a waterproof makeup remover.

Other thoughts about Love at 1st Lash Waterproof

The main thing that I appreciated about Love at 1st Lash Waterproof is how comfortable it is. Of all the mascaras I’ve tried over the years, I don’t think I’ve ever owned one that didn’t feel stiff and suffocating. However, this mascara felt like a breath of fresh air! Over the course of the day, there were several times that I actually forgot I was wearing mascara. It truly does feel weightless, nourishing, and hypoallergenic.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara.

What do you think? is this product something you would try for yourself? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!


  1. Miranda

    Great review! To this day, I’ve yet to find the perfect mascara. But maybe this one will be worth trying out. Thank you for sharing this review!

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