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Meet the top 8 discontinued Avon makeup products that left by spring 2022

You know the drill, friends! As in life, the Avon catalog is constantly changing and improving – and sometimes that means out favorite products must leave before we are emotionally ready.

This Spring is especially bittersweet, as many makeup products were announced as discontinued at the last minute – or in some cases after the item was already gone. Not to worry though, our newer makeup additions are here to fill the void. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 8 Avon makeup items that were discontinued so far in 2022. 

#1 Flat Velvet Lipstick


Tube of Flat Velvet Lipstick in the shade Darjeeling Red, a recommended 2020 Fall lip color, against a white background

The Flat Velvet Lipstick launched as part of our Avon x The Face Shop collab back in 2019. It’s been a great addition to my makeup drawer, but I must admit my love for it has waned a bit as Avon launched newer lipsticks that I’ve found to be even better quality. Time to say goodbye!

MY recommendation:

Cashmere Lipcream in Matte

Cashmere Lipcream is one of my personal favorite matte lipsticks in the catalog. It also has a similar texture and color payoff to Flat Velvet. Try it out, and you won’t be sorry!

If you want more details about what I love about Cashmere Lipcream, make sure to click the “more info” button below to read my full review.

Open tube of Cashmere Lipcream Matte in the shade Soft Mauve, against a white background

#2 belif x VDL Glow Moist Fix & Mist


This setting spray was a fan favorite, as it had the dual purpose of freshening up one’s face while it set makeup. Unfortunately, Fix & Mist‘s time has passed. 

Sorry, no replacements at this time

#3 Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick

LEAVING BY: JAN 19, 2022

Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick was a show-stopper when it first launched back in early 2020. Unfortunately, since the pandemic began, I haven’t had any social occasions that warranted a bold shimmer lip. I guess I wasn’t alone, because Glimmerkiss is now leaving the catalog! Personally, I hold out hope for a matte version of this same formula, but at this time nothing has been announced. 

Sorry, no replacements at this time

#4 Makeup Remover Wipes with Mineral Complex

LEAVING BY: JAN 19, 2022

Package of Makeup Remover Wipes with Mineral Complex, against a white background

The Makeup Remover Wipes with Mineral Complex have been a staple in my makeup drawer pretty much since I joined Avon. It’s sad to see them go, but I’m pumped to try out the wipes below which are a direct replacement. 

MY recommendation:

fmg Makeup Remover Wipes

These fmg Makeup Remover Wipes are vegan, fragrance-free makeup wipes that are formulated with a blend of aloe, chamomile, cucumber, marshmallow root, oat, and vitamin E. They are also paraben-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free, so you have nothing to worry about as you clean away each day’s makeup look.

Black and white package of fmg makeup remover wipes, against a white background

#5 Mono Pop Eyeshadow


Two open compacts of Mono Pop Eyeshadow, against a white background

The Mono Pop Eyeshadow launched as part of our Avon x The Face Shop collection, and featured two different neutral shade palettes. Now that Avon has launched more luxury neutrals, it’s time to say goodbye to Mono Pop.

MY recommendation:

Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette in Essential Eyes

Although there are plenty of options for neutrals in the catalog, Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette is the most similar to Mono Pop in regards to price point and number of shades per palette. Cashmere has a luxurious feel and highly-pigmented payoff, so you really can’t go wrong!

Open compact of Cashmere Eyeshadow Quad in the shade "Essential", against a white background

#6 Ink Lasting Primer


Bottle of Ink Lasting Primer, against a white background

Another Avon x The Face Shop product, Ink Lasting Primer was a solid choice for a basic primer. Unfortunately, with Avon’s catalog now full of primer options, Ink Lasting seems to have been the least popular.

MY recommendation:

Match Blur Oil Control Primer Balm

At a time when a majority of Avon’s primer offerings have an illuminating finish, Match Blur Oil Control Primer Balm stands out for a perfect, matte base.

You really can’t go wrong with this pore-blurring powerhouse.

Open container of Match Blur Oil Control Primer Balm, sitting next to the black lid of the product and the appilcator, which are all arranged in a triangle formation

UPDATE: This section has been edited to reflect the discontinuation of the previous recommendation, Satin Veil Primer.

#7 Ink Lasting Cushion foundation

LEAVING BY: NOV 24, 2021

When Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation first joined the catalog a few years back, it was quite the sensation. Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye!

MY recommendation:

Cashmere Complexion Liquid Foundation

If you follow the blog, you probably know that I recommend Cashmere Liquid Foundation any chance I get. It’s my absolute favorite foundation, and it’s especially great for those who prefer a liquid application. If you liked Ink Lasting Cushion, Cashmere Complexion is your best bet!

Bottle of Cashmere Complexion Longwear Foundation in the shade Marshmallow

#8 REACH Pop-up Lip Balm

LEAVING BY: JAN 19, 2022

Two open containers of REACH Pop-Up Lip Balm, against a white background

REACH Pop-Up Lip Balm has only been a part of the catalog for a short few months, but it seems the novelty has now worn off for most customers. Time to explore our staple, everyday balms!

MY recommendation:

Birthday Balm Lip Crayon

Although, there’s nothing exactly like the Pop-Up Lip Balm in the catalog, there is no shortage of great lip balms with their own unique vibe.

Birthday Balm is by far the best option. Not only is it super nourishing, but it also comes in a decent range of cute neutral lip shades.

Tube of Birthday Balm Lip Crayon in the shade Surprise!, against a white background

Well, that’s it! Those are the top 8 discontinued Avon makeup products that left (or were announced as leaving) so far in 2022. Was one of your favorites on the list? What do you think of these replacement products? Let us know in the comments!

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