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belif x VDL: Avon’s new K Beauty line that has reps obsessed

If you’ve been following Avon’s journey the past year, you know that they’ve been involved in collaboration after collaboration ever since their new parent company (LG H&H) took the wheel! These days, I feel like I have excitement overload. I make an effort to avoid hyperbole when talking about our products – but our newer products are such high quality that I really have to reign in my enthusiasm.

This new belif x VDL line in particular has Avon reps all abuzz! Both of these companies are industry leaders in the K Beauty market – with belif dominating skincare, and VDL making a splash in makeup/cosmetics. And when we combine the best of all 3 companies? Holy moly, are you in for a treat! 

Below I’ve highlighted the two makeup products in the line that you should really see for yourself. These babies just launched this past Wednesday (July 22, 2020). Let’s take a look!


UPDATE 2022: Glow Moist Fix & Mist is discontinued as of 12/8/21.

The belif x VDL Glow Moist Fix & Mist is a vegan makeup setting spray with a hydrating twist. This weightless 2-in-1 setting spray can be used before as well as after you apply your makeup. It’s designed to prime and prep the skin with a dewy glow, and then set makeup for a naturally radiant finish. 

To be honest, this is the product that reps are most obsessed with, as it combines the skin-loving power of belif with the unique glow of VDL – unlike other setting sprays which can often feel harsh or restrictive on the skin. As a water-based product, this spray is especially useful for folks who have oily skin or want to combat their t-zone. Many folks also use it to refresh their makeup throughout the day – and the refreshing mist feels so invigorating!

Bottle of belif x VDL Moist Glow Fix & Mist, in front of a water-filled blue and purple background

Benefits Include:

➤ Vegan

➤ Keeps makeup smudge-proof and looking fresh, even in high humidity

➤ Water-based

➤ Non-greasy, non-sticky sheer formula

➤ Absorbs and dries quickly

➤ Free of mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes

➤ Ultrafine mist with hydrating ingredients

Key Ingredients Include:

➤ Lady’s Mantle

#2 Glow Moist Primer

UPDATE 2022: Glow Moist Primer is discontinued as of 8/31/22.

The belif x VDL Glow Moist Primer is a vegan water-gel serum primer made with hydrating micropearls. It’s designed to quench dry skin as well as smooth the look of fine lines and pores. Part of what makes this primer stand out is the serum-like texture, which is a bit thinner than a regular primer and feels super comfortable on the skin.

Since belif is part of this collab, it’s no surprise that Glow Most Primer is formulated with nourishing ingredients that truly make it a skincare product as well as a makeup product. The ingredients are described as “hydro-magnetic”, so your makeup will grip and hold for improved wear. In true VDL fashion, the micropearls provide a dewy glow to your look with a soft veil finish.

Tube of belif x VDL Glow Moist Primer in front of a water-filled, purple background

Benefits Include:

➤ Vegan

➤ Hydro-magnet ingredients help to prep skin so makeup grips and holds

➤ Water-based

➤ Free of mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes

Key Ingredients Include:

➤ Lady’s Mantle

➤ Hyaluronic Acid

So, what do you think? Are you dying to try these as much as I am?

Let us know in the the comments!

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