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Avon x The Face Shop: What’s the skinny on Avon’s Korean collab?

It’s true, folks!

Avon has teamed up with the popular South Korean brand The Face Shop. The international collaboration has been in the works for months, with product launches beginning Oct 30, 2019. And yes – most of these products are designed exclusively for U.S. customers. So what gives? You might be wondering: “What exactly do Avon and The Face Shop have in common? Why are they working together?”

The answer: LG H&H.

Back in April, New Avon, LLC announced it was being acquired by a new parent company called LG H&H. A lot of folks not familiar with this company were scratching their heads. That is – until they realized that LG Household & Health Care owns many of of the top skincare and cosmetics brands on the Korean market.

Yes- The Face Shop is one of them.

What an opportunity!

With the K Beauty craze heating up in the U.S., it would be silly not to give the people what they want. Now that they are part of the same parent company, Avon and The Face Shop have a unique opportunity to bring the best of Korean cosmetics to the U.S. market. That means K Beauty like you’ve never seen it before!

Hold on to your hats, because I have 12 noteworthy makeup products to introduce you to – all part of the new Avon x The Face Shop cosmetics line.

Let’s take a look!


The foundations in this line combine trendy Korean formulas with a wide range of color options specially designed for American consumers. This combination of elements is what makes the Avon x The Face Shop line so unique. Formulas like this normally come in 2-5 shades maximum. This new line has a whopping 18 shades [each categorized into Warm (W), Neutral (N) and Cool (C)]!

Shade chart showing the different shades of ink lasting foundation

These colors are the same across both formulas, which makes things a lot easier! Let’s take a look at the product options.

Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation Slim Fit

UPDATE 2021: Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation is now discontinued as of 11/24/21.

Compact korean cushion product Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation, against a beige background


A natural makeup look using buildable, medium-to-full coverage.


This product utilizes Cushion technology which I’ve discussed in depth in this previous article. Basically, the Korean Cushion makes for an astonishingly easy to apply product with flawless, even coverage. And, of course – no mess!

The Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation also provides:

• a smooth, matte finish
• a weightless, airy feel with no caking
• a subtle brightening effect caused by the special ingredient Niacinamide

Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit

UPDATE 2021: Ink Lasting Foundation is now discontinued as of 6/23/21.

Woman's hand holding up a bottle of Ink Lasting Foundation, in front of a light beige background


A makeup look with full, even coverage (it can even cover tattoos)


This product is similar to the Cushion foundation, but is designed for more full coverage. It can be applied just like any other liquid foundation.

The Ink Lasting Foundation also provides:

• a weightless, airy feel with no caking
• long-wearing coverage
• help achieving an even skin tone

Lip Color

The new Avon x The Face Shop line features 3 new lip color products. In true K Beauty style, each formula is designed with an extra focus on lip health and nourishment in addition to color payoff.

Stay tuned for more in depth reviews of how these formulas hold up. The tubes I ordered are in the mail as we speak. I hope the colors pop as much as they appear to in the promotional videos. Take a look below!

Flat Velvet Lipstick

UPDATE 2021: Flat Velvet Lipstick is now discontinued as of 12/8/21.


Extra smooth color with a powdery, velvet matte finish


This lipstick features a unique flat tip which is designed to create smooth lip lines without the use of a lip brush or lip liner.

It also contains natural oils to nourish the lips including:

• Calendula Oil – for medicinal benefits
• Jojoba Oil – for moisturization
• Argan Oil – for hydration and deep moisturization
• Olive Oil – for antioxidant properties

I tried this lipstick out for myself in Rosé Pink, and wrote a more in depth review – you can see it here!

Ink Tint Serum Shine

UPDATE 2021: Ink Tint Serum Shine is now discontinued as of 2/17/21.


Soft lips with rich color and a glossy finish


This lip gloss is wax-free, so it doesn’t get sticky. Instead, it has a gel-like texture with ingredients that soften the lips during application.

It also features:

• a teardrop applicator that holds more product
• instant moisture + cooling 
• a weightless feel

Ink Tint Tattoo Matte

UPDATE 2022: Ink Tint Tattoo Matte is now discontinued as of 12/8/21.


long-lasting color payoff with a silky soft matte finish


This lip stain is advertised to have “Ink Tint Tattoo Technology“, which consists of 3 features:

“Tattoo Setting – the powder-oil formula glides on lips, locking in pigment while creating a perfectly soft, matte finish.

Double Color Lock – tinting color stains and coats lips for long-lasting pigment that looks like it was just applied.

Water-Based Formula – delivers a fresh, cooling sensation that spreads onto the entire pout.”

So, in a nutshell – it’s meant to last a really long time and provide highly-defined color payoff, without damaging the lips!

Blush & Highlighting

The blush and highlighting products in this new line also feature Korean Cushion technology, which is intriguing to say the least. This is not something that you typically find in the American market.

Both formulas are good for the skin, containing nourishing ingredients such as:

• Passion flower
• Rosehip oil
• vitamin E

Moisture Cushion Blush

UPDATE 2022: Moisture Cushion Blush is now discontinued as of 5/26/21.


Cheek color that is dewy, natural-looking, and understated


This blush features the same game-changing cushion technology mentioned above for natural-looking cheek color. Some customers have described the color payoff to be “like a watercolor“. This product is also advertised as long-wearing.


UPDATE 2021: Moisture Cushion Highlighter is now discontinued as of 8/4/21.

Compact of Moisture Cushion Blush, against a light pink background


a highlighting effect that is dewy, reflective, and pearlescent


This highlighter is similar to the blush in terms of formula, but with a different appearance on the skin. It is meant to provide a soft, subtle glow that makes the skin appear more youthful and radiant.


Holy moly – do we have new primers for you!

The new Avon x The Face Shop line has a whopping 5 primers, each designed with slightly different benefits. Let’s compare!

Ink Lasting Primer

UPDATE 2021: Ink Lasting Primer is now discontinued as of 12/8/21.

Bottle of Ink Lasting Primer, against a white background


Smoothing, toning, and brightening to prep the skin for makeup


This primer is meant to prep the skin in a variety of ways and help keep makeup in place all day long.

The advertised benefits include:

• Visibly minimizes pores
• Mattifies
• Controls oil
• smooths uneven skin texture
• covers skin imperfections
• brightens

It also contains nourishing ingredients such as prune extract and rose flower oil.

Tone Up Primer

UPDATE 2021: Tone Up Primer is now discontinued as of 10/25/21.

The Tone Up primers are each designed to address a specific concern while they prep the skin for makeup.

All of these primers:

• Color-correct
• Instantly hydrate
• Lengthen makeup wear


Bottle of Tone up primer in the shade Lumiere, against a white background


boosting the radiance of dull skin

Additional Features:

➤ Delicate pearl finish
➤ Provides a smooth, illuminated complexion


Bottle of Tone up primer in the shade Lavender, against a white background


Correcting the yellowish undertones of sallow skin

Additional Features:

➤ Brightens complexion

I tried this particular Primer out for myself! You can read my full review here.


Bottle of Tone up primer in the shade Mint, against a white background


Neutralizing red, blotchy areas on uneven skin


Bottle of Tone up primer in the shade Pink, against a white background


Reviving and brightening the skin tone of pale skin

Additional Features:

➤ Brightens complexion

That’s it for now, at least when it comes to makeup (I won’t talk about skincare here, but you can definitely find those new products on the e-store)!

Word on the street is that more Avon x The Face Shop products will be launching in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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