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A closer look at the peptide-filled Avon eyeshadow primer

Are you still searching for that one eye primer that works for you? I still remember the disappointment when Avon’s old True Color Eyeshadow Primer was discontinued a few years back. And although the VDL eye primer has been keeping us company, the color-correcting qualities create a distinct look that may or may not match your makeup vibe.

That’s why I was excited and intrigued when I saw that this new Avon eyeshadow primer was joining the Cashmere makeup collection. Now more than ever, my eyelids need a little help, and I’m hoping that this product can fill the void. Keep reading to get all the real scoop!

What is the Cashmere Multi-Peptide Eyeshadow Primer?

The fmg Cashmere Multi-Peptide Eyeshadow Primer is an eye makeup primer product by Avon launching on Feb 14, 2024.

As you would expect from a primer, it’s designed to keep your eyeshadow in place and make the color look more saturated. In addition, it’s formulated with ingredients that also help the skin. Specifically, it is meant to reduce the appearance of fine lines and have a plumping effect on the eyelid skin.

Open black tube with gold writing that says "fmg" and "Cashmere" sitting diagonally on its side, next to a cap with a doe foot style applicator that is covered with off-white cream liquid

To achieve this, the Cashmere Multi-Peptide Eyeshadow Primer is made with something called a Matrixyl 3000 peptide blend, as well as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and panthenol.

What makes this different?

The primary purpose of an eyeshadow primer is to improve the look of eyeshadow and to make it stick to the eyelid better and longer. However, this primer goes a step further by including skincare benefits to improve the look of the eyelid as well.

If you’re not familiar with peptides, they are a type of amino acid chain. To make a long story short, they can stimulate your skin to make more of its own collagen, which in turn improves aspects of the skin such as elasticity, firmness, and plumpness. Sounds like an ideal base for eye makeup to me!

Another thing that makes Cashmere Multi-Peptide different from Avon eyeshadow primers of the past is that it’s truly shade-less. Though it has a small amount of color in the tube, it blends and dries transparent, so you’ll have an easier time with your eyeshadow colors.

What happened when I tried it?

As you can see in the video, I found the Multi-Peptide Eyeshadow Primer to be a pleasant surprise. Although I’ve had trouble with previous eye primers due to an extra sensitive eyelid area, this particular primer did not cause any issues, and laid a really smooth skin foundation for my shadow.

The finish was very sheer, but did lighten up the area enough that I could tell the difference. 

I think the thing that impressed me the most was how it made eyeshadow application so much easier. As someone who struggles with hand coordination, I actually mess up my eyeshadow looks a lot and have to fix them! With this primer, creating a smooth, even application was basically foolproof.

What’s more – I filmed this demo in the early afternoon, but did not have to leave the house until around 6pm. I kid you not, at 5:30pm my eyes were embarrassingly uneven! My right eye which had the primer still looked perfect, while my left eye, which did not have any primer, looked faded in comparison and needed fixing. 

I think this eyeshadow primer will be my new best friend!

Well there you have it! The developing scoop on the new Avon eyeshadow primer launching this February.

What do you think? Is this something that would work well in your makeup routine? Let us know in the comments!

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