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Why this VDL eye primer is shaking up the Avon makeup lineup

Have you been impatiently waiting for Avon to add a new eye primer to its lineup? You’re certainly not alone! Ever since the True Color Eyeshadow Primer was discontinued, lots of customers have been asking about a suitable replacement. Now that this VDL eye primer is launching in Avon’s collection, I finally have a quality answer!

If I’m being honest though, this new primer is even better than I imagined – and I think it will really shake up how Avon fans think about their eye makeup. Want to get the full skinny? Let’s jump in!

UPDATE 2024: VDL Expert Color Primer for Eyes has now been discontinued from the Avon catalog.

What is The VDL Expert Color Primer for Eyes?

The VDL Expert Color Primer for Eyes is a color correcting eye primer launching at Avon in collaboration with VDL on Jan 20, 2021. 

Available in three different shades, this eyeshadow primer will provide the ideal base for your specific undertones, as well as add a natural brightness to your overall eye look.

Three different tubes of VDL eye primer in front of artistic product smears, against a peach beige background

advertised benefits include:

➤ Preps lids for smoother eyeshadow and eye liner application

➤  Enhances shadow shades for a more vibrant, brighter result

➤  Infused with skin-caring Tahitian black pearl powder

➤  Rich in amino acids

➤  Helps deliver moisturization and brightening effects

➤  Shade options suit a variety of looks

Why it's a game-changer

This new eye primer is unique in Avon’s collection for a few reasons – and it most certainly is an upgrade from the old True Color primer. 

For one thing, the various shades allow for more personalized eyeshadow base. Once you know your undertones, you may choose to either match those undertones or neutralize them by balancing with the other end of the color wheel. This is especially amazing given the increasing popularity of color-correcting face primers. I personally love the pink-hued Lumilayer Primer Fresh. However, I often find that my eye area looks a bit too olive by comparison when I apply this primer to the rest of my face. Folks with a similar experience will love incorporating the VDL Expert Eye Primer for Eyes into their makeup routine for a more cohesive look.

In addition, this eye primer is shaking up Avon’s lineup due to the nourishing skincare properties that are specially designed for the eye area. This product is rich in amino acids, contains black pearl powder, and also helps with moisturization to truly prep the eyelids for makeup. Although we have several makeup product lines already that are infused with skincare, the eye area is usually left out of getting these enhanced benefits. With VDL Expert Color, that is no longer the case! 

What are the different shades?

This VDL eye primer comes in 3 different shades including Original, Shimmer, and Serenity.

Shade chart showing the different shades of VDL Expert Color Primer for Eyes

Well, there you have it! The inside scoop on Avon’s newest eye primer in collaboration with VDL. What do you think? Would this product enhance your personal makeup routine?

Let us know in the comments below!

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