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VDL Primer: The inside scoop on Avon’s newest Korean partnership

Ever since Avon got acquired by LG H&H last autumn, it’s honestly been a bit of a crash course for me learning about the wondrous world of Korean cosmetics. I used to associate K Beauty only with skincare – and boy, was I missing out with that misconception! Yes – the moisturizers, face masks, and treatments are fantastic. But lately, it’s the makeup products that are really blowing me away! Apart from Avon’s thrilling collaboration with The Face Shop, we are now introducing a partnership with VDL, who are also owned by LG H&H. Some of you might be wondering: What is VDL? What do they have to offer?

VDL is a cutting-edge cosmetics brand based in Seoul, South Korea. The acronym stands for “Vivid Desires come to Life“. The brand prides itself on being innovative with color, and staying in tune with celebrity/runway trends.

Model with purple eyeshadow and glowing cheeks, looking off to the left while bright pink light reflects off the side of her face, against a purple background

Their products contain Lumilayer™ Technology, which is basically a technique of layering the pigments rather than mixing them to create unique effects. In many cases, this creates a luminous or prismatic quality. With face primers in particular, VDL is well known amongst makeup artists for creating a “Glass Skin effect”. It’s something you’ll have to see to believe!

Now that we have a little background, let’s take a closer look at the four products now offered in Avon’s new VDL primer collection!

#1 Lumilayer Primer

UPDATE 2022: Lumilayer Primer is discontinued as of 12/21/22, while supplies last.

Bottle of Lumilayer primer placed on a white pedestal with an ombre purple and blue background, next to a large puff of light purple smoke


➤ Brightening with a cool finish

The Lumilayer Primer is the original formula from VDL. Like 3 of the 4 VDL primers in the collection, it contains lumilayer prismatic pearls to create a “Glass Skin” brightening effect. In addition to brightening, it is also meant to plump and sculpt the skin for added dimension and volume. Because of the violet pigments, this primer is best for people with cool (more blue) undertones, or people who want to color-correct.


➤ Violet Lumilayer pigment visibly brightens, plumps and sculpts skin

➤ Blurs pores and enhances the wear of foundation

➤ Long-lasting silky texture

➤ Can be worn alone, under foundation or as a sheer highlighter

#2 Lumilayer Primer Fresh

UPDATE 2023: Lumilayer Primer Fresh has now been removed from the Avon lineup. See my Discontinued Avon Makeup & Replacements Cheat Sheet for more info!

Bottle of VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh, against a white background


➤ Dry skin

➤ Brightening with a warm finish

Like most of the other primers in the collection, the Lumilayer Primer Fresh contains prismatic pearls for brightening. Unlike the others, this formula has a unique blend of red, gold and white pearls which create a warmer, radiant glow. This formula will also hydrate and moisturize, making it the ideal choice for people with dry skin. Because of the red-gold pigments, this primer is best for people with warm (more red/orange) undertones, or people who want to color-correct.


➤ Contains over 70% moisturizing essence

➤Sparkling blend of red, gold and white pearls that absorb and reflect light

➤ Delivers all-day hydration

#3 Lumilayer Metal Cushion Primer

UPDATE 2022: Lumilayer Metal Cushion Primer is discontinued as of 11/23/22, while supplies last.

Slightly open compact of Lumilayer Metal cushion primer, against a blue and purple background


➤ Brightening with easy application

The Lumilayer Metal Cushion Primer is designed to highlight, prime and perfect the skin. It contains Vitamin C and Niacinamide as well as the prismatic pearls, which all together create a radiant glow effect on the face. It’s also the easiest primer to apply because of the unique metal cushion applicator.


➤ Easy dosage design

➤ Blurs pores, highlights, primes and perfects skin

➤ Infused with skin-brightening vitamin C and niacinamide

➤ Designed with a travel-friendly metal compact and a cushion

➤ Includes cushion refill and 2 applicators

#4 Satin Veil Primer

UPDATE 2022: Satin Veil Primer is discontinued as of 8/31/22, while supplies last.

Bottle of VDL Satin Veil Primer, against a white background


➤ Oily Skin

➤ Shine control and blurring of pores & fine lines

The Satin Veil Primer is the ideal primer choice for a truly mattified look. It contains soft-veiling polymers, which blur pores and fine lines for a satin matte finish. This shine control quality makes it perfect for people with oily skin. It also contains nourishing ingredients such as prune water and rose enfleurage oil.


➤ Soft-veiling polymers instantly blur pores and fine lines

➤ Staves off shine

➤ Infused with prune water to replenish skin with intensified hydration

➤ Infused with rose enfleurage oil to improve skin’s elasticity and texture over time

Well, that’s the scoop! Which VDL primer are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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