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Ink Tint Serum Shine: what are folks saying about this Korean lip stain?

If you follow this blog, you’re probably used to hearing me talk all about Avon’s deep dive into the world of K Beauty. Nevertheless, there is still so much more I haven’t covered yet.

I was so excited to try the most promising Avon x The Face Shop products that I left the more controversial products a little bit on the back burner. One such product is the Ink Tint Serum Shine, a korean lip stain product that’s been in Avon’s catalog for a little over a year now. So what’s the real skinny on this product? Let’s take a look!

UPDATE: Ink Tint Serum Shine has been discontinued from the Avon catalog as of 2/16/21. 

What is Ink Tint Serum Shine?

Ink Tint Serum Shine is a long-lasting lip stain product with a glossy finish. It launched back in October of 2019, and is part of Avon’s collaboration with popular Korean brand The Face Shop.

It’s considered a gloss finish version of the Ink Tint Tattoo Matte, a sister product that launched on the same day.

Tube of Ink Tint Serum Shine in the shade Hug Me Red, against a white background

Advertised benefits include:

➤ lightweight

➤ rich, glossy shine

➤ Wax-free for non-sticky application

➤ Gel-like texture softens lips

➤ long-lasting

➤ Delivers instant moisture + cooling for weightless comfort

➤ Teardrop applicator holds more product

What are Avon fans saying?

Reactions to this long-lasting lip stain are a bit polarizing. After having a less-than-stellar experience with Ink Tint Tattoo Matte, I decided to dive into the product reviews to see what people are saying about Ink Tint Serum Shine

Close up of lips showing the shade Hug Red in the korean lip stain product Ink Tint Serum Shine

Bottom line: some folks LOVE LOVE LOVE it, while others were extremely disappointed. Very few people rated it in between these two extremes. At the end of the day, it will all come down to your lip type and personal color preferences. Let’s take a look at what people say are the pros and cons!


➤ Bright, vivid colors

➤ Glides easily onto the lips

➤ Stays on a long time

➤ Keeps the lips moist

➤ Smooth, silky, and lightweight


➤ Colors are different than it shows online

➤ Very wet/runny

➤ Easily gets on teeth

➤ Strong fragrance

➤ Has a bad taste

This pretty much tracks based on my experience with Ink Tint Tattoo Matte. If you have highly sensitive lips like me, your lips may have trouble absorbing the formula. Some reviewers described this korean lip stain as “runny”, while others were able to apply it smoothly and have their lips absorb it properly. 

I also suggest exercising caution when choosing a color, as the online catalog can be a little misleading with this product. in general, these shades are very bright in person – so prepare for a bold look! Please note that the shade chart below is based on the online catalog, for the sake of consistency.

What are the shades of Ink Tint?

Ink Tint Serum Shine comes in 4 different shades including Living Coral, Pure Red, Hug Red, and Tempting Pink.

Shading chart showing the different shades of Ink Tint Serum Shine

What do you think? Have you tried this formula? How did your lips like the Avon x The Face Shop Ink Tint Serum Shine?

If you haven’t tried it yet – are you planning to? Let us know in the comments!

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