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Glimmerkiss: What’s the real verdict on Avon’s metallic lipstick?

Honestly, I never thought I’d get in on the metallic lipstick trend. As much as I love the metallic look on Pinterest, I didn’t think I’d be brave enough to rock it in public. But when I first saw that Avon was coming out with Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick, I found my fingers putting that tube of Violet Saphirre into my shopping cart almost against my will. For some reason, my alter ego NEEDED this lipstick.

When it finally arrived, I could not have been more excited! Would this lipstick be my new fave, or would it become a tube to sit in my drawer forevermore? Let’s find out!

UPDATE 2022: Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick is discontinued as of 1/19/22.

About the product

Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick is a new line of metallic lipsticks which are launching in the U.S. on March 4th, 2020.

It’s the natural extension of Avon’s other Glimmer– lines, both of which are best sellers for the brand. Namely, our popular Glimmersticks liners and Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow.

Four different tubes of Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick, against a sparkly pink background

According to Avon, Glimmerkiss . . .

➤ Has a weightless silky-smooth gel-cream formula

➤ Features a shimmering, gem-like finish

➤ Is buildable – so you can achieve a subtle shimmer or a bold metallic

➤ Is water-resistant

➤ Has long-lasting wear

➤ Is paraben-free

➤ Is sulfate-free

➤ Is phthalate-free

Glimmerkiss comes in 4 stunning shades:

Shade chart showing the different colors of Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick, with lip swatches

My experience

Make sure to watch the video below to see what happened when I tried out Glimmerkiss in Violet Saphirre!


I found application to be a little bit tricky at first, though I got the hang of it after a few tries. Even though I’ve used a doe foot applicator before, I had a hard time making the color look completely even without using my finger to blend.

One trick that helped me was using the doe foot to create a series of dots on the lower lip, and then following this up with a gentle sweep. This seemed to make the color distribute evenly without as much effort.

All in all, the ease-of-use was about average with this lipstick. It wasn’t too difficult, but it wasn’t ultra easy, either.


I absolutely LOVE the finish of this product. The shimmer I achieved is noticeable but subtle, so that I don’t feel too self-conscious or overdressed when I wear it in public. What I also appreciate about the shimmer finish is that it somewhat hides my lip imperfections. As some of you may know if you follow the blog, my lips are CONSTANTLY chapping or feathering no matter what I do (or how effectively I exfoliate). Unlike a smooth matte lipstick, this lipstick refracts the light just a little. As a result, I found that the slight feathering of my lips didn’t bother me nearly as much as it usually does. I still felt super confident!

I have also found Glimmerkiss to be extremely versatile. Depending on how much product I apply, I’m able to really customize my look. A couple days ago, I wanted to wear my Glimmerkiss but was afraid it would overpower my relatively casual outfit. By putting a small amount of the product on my finger and blending it throughout my lips, I was able to create just a hint of color and shimmer that looked amazingly casual! On the flip side – If I ever attend an event where I really want to really make a statement, I could apply 3-4 full layers and create a much bolder metallic look.

Staying Power

I found that time definitely did NOT fade my Glimmerkiss Lipstick, but there’s one thing that did: food. This was a little disappointing, because this product is advertised as water-resistant, and is not supposed to smudge. Take a look at the difference before and after lunch:

Before and after photos showing how Glimmersticks Liquid Lipstick fades after a meal

That said, I was very impressed with the staying power of this product over time. After I reapplied my lipstick at lunchtime, that color STAYED PUT. I snapped a photo just before eating my dinner, and my lips looked exactly the same as they had 5 hours earlier. That’s a pretty amazing wear time, considering there was zero fading! Take a look:

Before and after photos showing how Glimmersticks Liquid Lipstick fades after 5 hours

Sensitive lips update

I was pretty impressed with how Glimmerkiss interacted with my sensitive lips, with some caveats! If you have lips sensitive to chapping like me, you should watch out for some feathering when you wear this product. My lips were definitely pretty dry, even though I had applied chapstick just before filming my review video.

That said, I feel it’s only fair to compare the effects of Glimmerkiss to other lip products I’ve reviewed that are similarly advertised as long-wearing/long-lasting (who remembers the way my lips reacted to that Lip Tattoo??). When grading along this curve, I would definitely give Glimmerkiss an A. For one thing, I found that the feathering of my lips did NOT increase the longer I was wearing the product. With other long-lasting lip products, my lips tend to get more and more feathered throughout the day, eventually resulting in chapped lips. This was not the case with Glimmerkiss! Instead, my lips feathered slightly upon application, and stayed exactly the same all day. It was honestly shocking to me to not feel any discomfort on my lips at the end of the day.

So, what's the verdict?

At the end of the day, I LOVE the Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick. Despite its minor drawbacks, I think this is one product that will become a staple in my makeup drawer. I’ve already worn it three or four times since it arrived in the mail five days ago, which I normally don’t do prior to finishing a review. I just couldn’t help myself!

I hope you enjoy rocking this product as much as I do! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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