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Rosy Perfect Primer: Why Avon is adding VDL’s skin-loving primer to its lineup

Are you still on the hunt for that one perfect primer that will change your makeup game? I totally feel ya! With all the choices out there, it can be tricky to figure out exactly what you need for your skin – and everybody is different!

When I saw that Avon was going to be offering VDL’s Lumilayer Rosy Perfect Primer, I knew there would be a lot of folks who would benefit from it – but it wasn’t immediately obvious how it differed from the other VDL primers in Avon’s collection. Not to worry, though – I did a deep dive on this product so you don’t have to!

So, why is Avon is adding Rosy Perfect to its lineup when they already have a large selection of primers? Read on to find out!

UPDATE 2024: Rosy Perfect Primer has now been discontinued from the Avon catalog.

What is VDL Lumilayer Rosy Perfect Primer?

The VDL Lumilayer Rosy Perfect Primer is a luxurious, multitasking face primer launching in Avon’s catalog on March 3rd, 2021. This product is being offered in collaboration with the cutting-edge Korean brand VDL.

Bottle of VDL Lumilayer Rosy Perfect Primer, against a white background


➤ Locks down and extends the wear of base makeup

➤ Evens skin tone

➤ Clear gloss and rosy finish

➤ Helps instantly moisturize 

 Blurs the look of pores 

➤ Corrects the appearance of skin tone

➤ Creates a velvety-smooth, healthy-looking and radiant complexion

➤ Infused with skin-caring damask rose water, rose enfleurage oil and lady’s mantle

➤ Contains a blend of tone-up capsules and rosy fine pearls

Why is Avon adding this Primer to its catalog?

It’s pretty simple, really. Although this primer is similar in quality Avon’s 4 other VDL primers, it has a slightly different finish and effect on the skin – giving Avon makeup wearers a larger range of options for their look. With the enthusiastic response for Avon’s other Korean primers, it only makes sense to add Rosy Perfect to the collection. 

As mentioned above, Rosy Perfect has a subtle gloss effect and a rosy finish. That means it will be less prismatic than other Lumilayer primers, but will still create a unique “glass skin” effect in its own way. Think of it as less pearly – and more glassy. The subtle color-correction also gives your skin tone a nice, healthy-looking flush.

It’s not all an illusion, though! Like most VDL makeup products, Lumilayer Rosy Perfect Primer is infused with skincare ingredients to help the skin actually stay healthy. Many folks describe this primer as feeling smooth and weightless on the skin. All-in-all, your skin will look and feel hydrated! 

So, what do you think? Does the VDL Lumilayer Rosy Perfect Primer sound like what you’re looking for? Let us know in the comments!

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