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Love Lip Butter: All my thoughts on the new Avon lip butter

Are you a bit more introverted when it comes to lip color? Although I’ve definitely gone through bold lip phases in my life, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m a lip minimalist at heart. I feel the most myself with just a subtle splash of color that looks super cute without drawing too much attention.

That’s why I was really excited to try out the new Avon lip butter as soon as I saw it announced! So excited, in fact, that I splurged a bit and decided to order and review all 6 shades to truly see what this product is all about. But before we dive into my first experience with Love Lip Butter down below, let’s get a little background on the product itself.

What is the Love Lip Butter?

The fmg Love Lip Butter is a sheer, glossy lip butter product by Avon launching on Aug 30, 2023. Formulated with cupauçu seed butter, mango extract, apricot kernal oil, and olive fruit oil, this lip moisturizer offers an ultra-creamy formula for softer-feeling lips.

Open tube of Love Lip Butter in the red shade Secret Crush, against a white background with a bright pink border

Advertised benefits include:

➤ sheer color

➤ high shine gloss

➤ buildable coverage

➤ ultra-creamy formula

➤ intense moisture

➤ leaves lips feeling soft

➤ non-sticky

➤ delivers the right amount of color

➤ infused with cupuaçu seed butter, mango extract, apricot kernal oil, and olive fruit oil

➤ vanilla scented

➤ paraben-free

➤ sulfate-free

➤ phthalate-free

➤ clip pen applicator

What are the different shades of Love Lip Butter?

Love Lip Butter is available in 6 shades including Rendezvous, Tease, Flirtatious, Pucker Up, Secret Crush, and Love Affair.

My experience with Love Lip Butter

Press play below to see what happened when I tried out fmg Love Lip Butter in all 6 shades!


Applying this lip butter is super easy. It’s as straightforward as putting on any quality chapstick, and just really glides on. I think the slight angle also helps it feel comfortable in my hand during application.


The color payoff of this product is pretty much as advertised. It’s sheer and subtle, and really only good for a bare lip look. While the bare, glossy look is super cute, folks looking for a more pigmented nude lip will definitely prefer Birthday Balm.

The unique glossiness of this lip butter is absolutely stunning, though! This is my favorite part of the product’s appearance. Like I mention in the video, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a glossy moisturizer, as I typically associate the word with a lip gloss type of shine. This glossiness was much different, appearing almost like a chapstick that is extra wet. It makes the lips look so cute and hydrated!

Staying Power

The staying power is not this product’s strong suit, and it’s not advertised that way, either. If you accidentally swipe your lip, you will wipe this off. That said, the glossiness will last several hours if you can keep your hands away. It’s about average for a lip butter or lip balm.


 I was pretty happy with the moisturization power of this lip butter. Prior to filming, my lips had really been bugging me for a couple of days because of the hot weather, and I was nervous about even showing my lips on camera. The Love Lip Butter really created a smooth look, and made my lips feel soft.

The butter does have some weight to it in the sense that you will feel it on your lips. While it wasn’t an issue for me, I definitely noticed it after wearing other products that are advertised as “weightless”. With this product, you will pretty much be able to tell when it’s time to reapply based on the feel. For me, the thickness is worth it to get that extra moisturization boost!

Well, there you have it! That was my experience with the new Avon lip butter. What do you think? Which shade do you like the best? Let us know in the comments!

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