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Glimmer Lip Glaze: See what happened when I tried the newest Avon lip gloss

When I first saw that this new Avon lip gloss was launching, I was excited but also preparing myself for a bittersweet reality. If you follow the blog, you know that for the past couple years I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Avon’s Crave Lip Gloss. However – in the wake of several shade discontinuations and the announcement of the new Glimmer Lip Glaze, it’s becoming clear that Crave will soon be phased out for good.

What does that mean for Glimmer? It means that this new lip gloss will have some big shoes to fill, and a high bar to surpass in order to become Avon’s best lip gloss. I knew right away that I would have to put Glimmer Lip Glaze to the test as soon as I could get my hands on it, and see how this gloss holds up.

So what’s the verdict? Keep reading to find out! But before I dig into my thoughts, we need a little background on the product itself. Let’s jump in!

UPDATE 2024: Glimmer Lip Glaze has now been discontinued. See my Discontinued Avon Makeup & Replacements Cheat Sheet for more info!

What is glimmer lip glaze?

Glimmer Lip Glaze is a new lip gloss product by Avon launching on Aug 31st, 2021. 

Designed with a lustrous, glossy finish, this Avon lip gloss features a non-sticky, creamy formula that nourishes the lips with castor seed oil and vitamin E.

Tube of Glimmer Lip Glaze in the shade Sheen, against a white background

Advertised benefits include:

➤ Dimensional shine

➤ Glimmering color

➤ Buildable, sheer-to-medium coverage

➤ Glossy finish

➤ Instant moisture

➤ Smooth, lip-hugging texture

➤ Provides hours of wear

➤ No feathering

➤ Non-sticky creamy formula

➤ Formulated with hydrating castor seed oil and antioxidant vitamin E

What are the different shades of Glimmer Lip Glaze?

Glimmer Lip Glaze is available in 8 shades including Shine, Glisten, Flash, Gleam, Sparkle, Dazzle, Sheen, and Glow. Though it’s difficult to depict this in a chart, the shade “shine” is actually clear!

Shade chart showing the different shades of glimmer lip glaze, an Avon lip gloss.

If you’re looking for extra definition to prevent bleeding, we’ve also got the perfect lip liner shade pairings for a majority of our Glimmer Lip Glaze shades! Here are the closest matching shades in our Glimmersticks lip liners:

Chart showing the shade pairings between Glimmer Lip Glaze and Glimmersticks Lip Liner

My experience with Glimmer Lip Glaze

Press play below to see what happened when I tried out this new Avon lip gloss in the shade Sparkle!


To be honest, applying this lip gloss was a bit messier than average. Getting truly even coverage was an involved process that took several swipes and some adjusting with my fingers. At the end of the day, this was not a big deal to me. However, I certainly wouldn’t go around telling people it’s particularly easy to apply. It takes some focus!


I personally am in love with the finish of this lip gloss. However, I think for some people there will be trade-offs. The coverage of Glimmer Lip Glaze is solidly sheer-to-medium – so if you’re looking for super rich color, this may not be for you.

In my opinion, though, the dimensional shimmer finish is so gorgeous that it makes up for the lighter coverage. I honestly don’t even wish for more color when I’m wearing it. This lip gloss catches the light so beautifully in a way that’s difficult to describe. It’s a “glimmer” that seems so unique and mesmerizing. I will definitely wear this gloss on it’s own, but I also can’t wait to try layering it over darker lipsticks.

Staying Power

I found the staying power of this lip gloss to be pretty much average. The difficult part about testing out the wear time was that Glimmer doesn’t really hold up against food or drink. So – if you’re hydrating and snacking throughout the day, you’re going to be reapplying often anyways!

I was able to keep the gorgeous shimmer going for about two hours at a time. Personally, I’m happy with this – though I understand others might not be. The advertised promise of “hours of wear” is technically true – though perhaps they could have worded this in a clearer way!

Other thoughts about Glimmer

One other area where Glimmer Lip Glaze really holds up is the moisturization. If you follow the blog, you know that one of my favorite things about Crave Lip Gloss is that I can use it instead of chapstick because of how well it nourishes my lips. I’m happy to say that Glimmer provides the same great level of nourishment, and leaves my lips feeling amazing and comfortable. In addition, there is no stickiness or feathering at all!

Overall, I think I’m really going to be happy with this new Avon lip gloss. It held up to pretty much all of my expectations, and the finish looks even better than I thought.

What do you think? Did you like the appearance of Glimmer Lip Glaze after watching my demo? Will you be trying out this gloss for yourself? Let us know in the comments! 

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