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Avon Glimmer Lip Plumper: Inside the long-awaited and most requested makeup launch

When I first saw that this new Avon lip plumper was being added to the catalog, all I could think was “finally!“. Ever since I joined Avon, this has been one of the most requested makeup items that folks really seem to be craving. And although we’ve had lip products with plumping agents – such as our Vitamin C Lip treatment – I knew a true, dedicated lip plumper would take everyone’s lip volume needs to the next level!

So what’s the deal with the Glimmer Lip Plumper? How does it work? What other features does it have? Is it everything you’ve been waiting for? Keep reading to find out!

UPDATE 2023: Glimmer Lip Plumper has now been discontinued. See my Discontinued Avon Makeup & Replacements Cheat Sheet for more info!

What is the fmg Glimmer Lip Plumper?

fmg Glimmer Lip Plumper is a new lip plumping product by Avon launching on Aug 31st, 2021. 

Formulated with Volulip™, this product plumps, softens, and moisturizes the lips with a shiny gloss finish. 

Tube of Avon Glimmer Lip Plumper, against a white background

advertised benefits include:

➤ Visibly plumps the lips

➤ Makes the lips look fuller

➤ Softens and moisturizes lips

➤ Dimensional wet shine

➤ Non-sticky creamy formula

➤ Contains antioxidant vitamin E

➤ No stinging or burning

➤ Universally flattering shade

➤ Refreshing peppermint scent

What is Volulip™?

Volulip is a cosmetics ingredient by Sederma that claims to plump lips using “hyaluronic acid synthesis”. How this works is quite complex – however the end result is an increase in hydration, volume, and softness that altogether make the lips look fuller.

If you’re interested in learning more about the science, I highly recommend this explanation and analysis by Katie Bird over at Cosmetics Design Europe.

How should I use this Avon lip plumper?

What’s great about this particular lip plumper is that it provides a distinct finish that can stand on its own. In fact, minimal makeup wearers might even choose to apply this lip plumper in place of other lip color such as lipstick or lip gloss. It can also be combined with other lipsticks and lip gloss products for a plump, glossy finish. 

Model with a playful expression, pressing her fists against her cheeks to show off her lips

For best results, make sure to exfoliate the lips first, and then start your makeup routine with the Glimmer Lip Plumper. It’s important to give the plumping agent time to do it’s thing while you complete the rest of your makeup look.

After you’re done with the rest of your face, you can apply a second coat of the plumper and apply your lipstick or lip gloss as needed. 

What do you think? Has the wait been worth it? Do you think this new Avon lip plumper will suit your needs? Let us know in the comments!

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