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MagiX Tint: I finally tried out Avon’s tinted moisturizer!

I must admit, when I first saw that Avon was coming out with a tinted moisturizer, I was intrigued but also hesitant. That’s part of the reason it took me two whole months to make the decision to try it! The reason I was hesitant is because of my skin type. Normally, I NEVER wear any type of cream or moisturizer under my makeup or else I will look like a greasy mess.

Eventually, however, the intrigue was too strong to resist. I listened to several personal testimonies from people who tried MagiX Tint and are now obsessed. I had to experience the magic for myself!

Now, I’m here to tell you how it went. But first, some background…

What is MagiX Tint?

The full name of this product is the MagiX Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer. Talk about a mouthful! Most people simply call it MagiX Tint for short.

It’s advertised as being able to brighten the skin, blur imperfections, and enhance skin tone without hiding it. What’s more, it contains botanical extracts which provide antioxidant benefits to the skin. Basically, it’s like a foundation except more lightweight and way more nourishing.

Three arms with different skin tones showing swatches of the MagiX Tint Tinted Moisturizer

UPDATE 8/7/21: The MagiX Tint line has been expanded to include three different finishes! Click here to get all the info on the full line in Brightening, Natural Matte, and Oil-Free.

Advertised benefits include:

➤ Instant moisturization 

➤ Softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles

➤ Radiant, sheer coverage

➤ Won’t settle into lines and pores

➤ Infused with passion fruit, chia and sunflower seed

➤ Vitamins E and B5 keep skin hydrated

 Vitamins E and B5 keep skin hydrated 

➤ Flexible shade range

➤ Lightweight, breathable feel

➤ Paraben-free

➤ Hypoallergenic, dermatologist- and allergy-tested

➤ Vegan

What are the different shades?

MagiX Tint is available in 6 different shades including Fair, Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep, and Deep.

Shade chart showing the different shades of MagiX Tint Tinted Moisturizer

My experience with MagiX TInt

Press play below to see what happened when I tried out this tinted mpisturizer in in Light Medium!

Choosing my tube

I must say, choosing which color to purchase was quite a process. Even though the shades are somewhat flexible, I was extra motivated to get the perfect color on the first try since I knew I wanted to share the experience in a video.

I had heard from Avon reps on social media that the shade they ordered the first time around was not quite right for them, which made me think Avon’s swatches must be a bit off. Turns out, they ARE! In the above video, I show you all a close up so you can see the difference between light medium in person vs. in the pages of the Avon book.


The MagiX Tint went on just as easily as any quality foundation. It spread smoothly and evenly. The scent reminded me of a pleasant sunscreen, but I could only smell it during application.


Like I mention in the video, the product looked a bit greasy going on, but eventually dried to a pleasant finish. As promised, it blurred some of the imperfections on my face. It didn’t cover the imperfections completely, which was nice because it looked very natural.

The color I chose turned out to be perfect. The light medium blended easily with my skin tone. It seems like I am probably at the edge of the range though. If my suntan was just a bit darker, I might need the medium. Hopefully this information will help you compare.

The illuminating/brightening effect of the MagiX Tint was very apparent. I personally really enjoyed this, but it’s something to keep in mind if you are going for an ultra-casual look. Depending on your personal preference, you may or may not want that extra glow!

Next few hours

Over the next couple of hours, I found that my face did start to get a bit shiny/greasy. It should be noted, however, that this is a common pattern for me. Even products that are advertised as “matte” look completely greasy on me until I add on a thick layer of powder (and even sometimes after that thick layer). Since MagiX Tint is a moisturizer, it is obviously not advertised as “matte”. So, if your skin is as uncooperative as mine, you might want to be careful with this product.

If your skin is less sensitive, I would definitely recommend trying MagiX Tint out for yourself. When you do, make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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