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Cashmere Cushion: get the scoop on the latest Avon cushion foundation

I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t Avon already offer a bunch of foundation options? What’s with all the new foundation products this year coming in to confuse me? Well, friends, I’m here to help!

When I first saw that this new Avon cushion foundation was being launched, I knew it was the perfect way to round out the Cashmere makeup line, and to take a lot of people’s foundation game to the next level. Without further ado, let’s get the scoop.

What is the fmg Cashmere Cushion Foundation?

UPDATE 2024: fmg Cashmere Cushion Foundation has now been discontinued. See my Discontinued Avon Makeup & Replacements Cheat Sheet for more info!

The fmg Cashmere Cushion Foundation is a new cushion foundation product by Avon launching on Aug 31st, 2022.

This foundation is the newest addition to Avon’s Cashmere line, which includes a wide range of makeup products including liquid foundation, powder foundation, lipsticks, and more.

The new Cushion Foundation features unique korean cushion technology for breathable, even application – as well as the luxurious quality customers have come to expect with the overall Cashmere collection.

Open compact of Avon's cashmere cushion foundation, against a white background

Advertised benefits included:

➤ enriched with calendula extract, squalane and niacinamide
➤ lightweight
➤ breathable
➤ applies evenly
➤ helps cover the look of imperfections
➤ buildable
➤ velvety soft matte color
➤ light-to-medium coverage
➤ includes sponge puff applicator
➤ paraben-free
➤ phthalate-free
➤ fragrance-free

What makes this foundation stand out?

This foundation’s cushion application method allows for a gorgeous, even application with very little effort, which is ideal for those who are new to makeup or just want a more flawless look.

The coverage is light-to-medium, so it’s not too intimidating for minimal makeup wearers. At the same time, the cushion helps you avoid uneven application, which can sometimes lead to heavier coverage than we wanted as we desperately try to even things out. Cashmere Cushion hits just the right spot!

What’s more, the formula includes nourishing ingredients that help your skin as you wear it, including moisturizing squalane, soothing calendula, and skin-brightening niacinamide.

Woman's hand with beige nailpolish holding an open compact of Cashmere Cushion Foundation, in front of a pale pink background

How do I use this cushion foundation?

The korean cushion applicator on this foundation is super easy to use! Here’s what you want to do:

  1. gently press your puff onto the cushion twice, pressing on the center each time
  2. using a tapping motion with the puff, start application in the center of your face first
  3. using pressing and dabbing motions, continue blending from the center outwards
  4. as you perform step #3, make sure to avoid any rubbing motions, as this may result in streaking or uneven results

What are the shades?

fmg Cashmere Cushion Foundation is available in 16 shades including W215, W225, C215, N225, N235, C225, W235, W245, N245, W225, N255, W265, W275, N265, W285, N275.

shade chart showing the different colors of Cashmere Cushion Foundation

Well there you have it – that’s the full scoop on this new Avon cushion foundation. What do you think? Will this be your next go-to foundation? Let us know in the comments!

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