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Essential Mini Brush Kit: The full skinny on Avon’s holiday 2021 makeup brush set

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Can you hear the sleigh bells, friends? I don’t know about you, but the holiday shopping season really crept up on me this year! It feels like summer just ended, and here I am showing you Avon’s 2021 holiday makeup collection. But hey – at least I get to treat myself to a little something extra!

If you follow the blog, you know that I always let myself choose one of the holiday makeup specials that I really want each year. This year, I decided to get the Essential Mini Brush Kit – a super cute travel-size brush set. Now, it’s time to show you what happened when I tried it out for the first time. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, you will definitely want to take a look at this brush set. Keep reading if you want all the deets and a full demo!

What is the Essential Mini Brush Set?

The Essential Mini Brush Set is a limited-edition, travel size brush set by Avon that launched on Oct 12, 2021.

This 6-piece set features 5 mini makeup brushes and a gold, faux-leather carrying case with beautiful embossed stars.

Light Golden faux-leather makeup brush case next to 5 differently sized makeup brushes, artistically strewn on a light beige surface

Kit includes:

➤ Powder brush, 3 7/8” L

➤ Eyeshadow brush, 3 ¾” L

➤ Concealer brush, 3 ¾” L

➤ Large concealer brush, 3 3/4” L

➤ Angle eyeliner brush, 3 5/8” L

➤ Travel case (closed), 5” L x 3 ¼” W

Advertised features include:

➤ 6-piece set

➤ Five essential mini-size brushes

➤ Luxurious gold faux-leather case embossed with stars

Open case with turquoise lining, showing 5 different sized makeup brushes inside

My experience with Essential Mini Brush Set

Press play below to see what happened when I tried out this limited-edition set!

Well, there you have it! Do you have someone in your life who would love getting this Avon brush set as a gift? Would you rather buy it for yourself?

Let us know in the comments below!

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