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Dream in Color: inside the new limited edition eyeshadow palette

Holiday specials are almost here, friends! This year, I decided to treat myself early so I could show you a few of 2019’s best holiday gifts for makeup lovers. First up: the Dream in Color Eye Palette – a gorgeous new limited edition eyeshadow palette launching on Oct 16th.

I must admit, I chose this one partially for the shock value. When I saw a photo of this palette, my first thought was: Young people are NOT going to believe that this product is from Avon. The colors look so vibrant, rich, and flattering. And trust me – Dream in Color did not disappoint.

Open palette of the Dream in Color Eye Palette, against a white background

The Dream in Color eyeshadow palette was designed as a holiday gift, which is why it’s limited edition. The 16 colors are not currently available on any of the regular, non-seasonal palettes. There are a few shades with a sleek, matte finish, while the majority have a high-impact shimmer.

I originally planned to highlight a few of my favorite shades in this article, but my favorites list ended up including 50% of the colors. Oops! I love them so much, I simply could NOT narrow it down.

Outer packaging of the Dream in Color Eye Palette, against a white background

The product is also advertised as “no gift-wrapping required” because the outer box cover is so beautiful on it’s own. While the box is pretty, I personally would gift-wrap it anyways to incorporate the element of surprise. But that’s just me!

Ok Emmeline – enough blabbering! Let’s see this limited edition eyeshadow palette in action. I tried out each color on my full eyelid to really show it off, even though in real life the shades would be placed in different places!

Click on the video below to see me demo all 16 shades:

What do you all think? Which beauty lover in your life do you think would enjoy this limited edition palette?

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