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Cashmere Rouge: What’s the deal with Avon’s newest lip lacquer

Are you looking for a bold, high-shine lip look that will truly stay put? When I found out that Avon was launching a new lip lacquer product, I was initially confused. What makes this new lacquer different from Avon’s existing High-Gloss lacquer that was only recently released? It wasn’t until I started digging into the details that I realized just how much Cashmere Rouge Lacquer has to offer.

What is Cashmere Rouge Lacquer?

UPDATE 2024: Cashmere Rouge Lacquer has now been discontinued. See my Discontinued Avon Makeup & Replacements Cheat Sheet for more info!

fmg Cashmere Rouge Lacquer is a vegan, dual-ended lip lacquer product by Avon launching on July 6, 2022. 

This lacquer features a highly pigmented liquid lip on one side, and a clear, high-shine top coat on the other. Together, these formulas provide a bold, high shine lip look that resists smudging, feathering, or transfer. 

Open tube of Cashmere Rouge Lacquer against a white background

Advertised benefits include:

➤ Dual-ended

➤ high-performance wear

➤ full-coverage color

➤ dries quickly

➤ high-shine finish

➤ transfer-proof

➤ smudge-proof

➤ feather-proof

➤ vegan

➤ paraben-free

What makes this lip lacquer different?

Unlike Avon’s other fmg Ink High-Gloss Lacquer, this new Cashmere Rouge Lacquer is dual ended. In this case, that means it has a built-in top coat to really seal in your color. You can think of this like a nail polish top coat that protects the colorful layer beneath. Similarly, the clear end of Cashmere Rouge covers your lip color, and helps protect it from transferring or smudging.

Like most lacquers, Cashmere‘s bottom coat is highly pigmented for extra vivid color – which is part of what makes lacquer different from a lip gloss.

What shades does it come in?

fmg Cashmere Rouge Lacquer is available in 6 different shades including Mauvelous, Ravishing Rose, Beautifully Bare, Pinkfection, Stunning Scarlet, and Berry Bliss.

Well what do you think? Will you be trying out the new lip lacquer for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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